Stargate: Las Vegas

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Stargate: Las Vegas is a comm for fan works set in the Alternate Universe created in the SGA episode "Vegas" or using characters from that AU. Any and all kinds of fan fiction is allowed here, slash, het, or gen, as well as RPF (but only if it's somehow relevant to the Vegas 'Verse) and crossovers. We also welcome art of all kinds, vids and meta discussions. You may bring in characters that were not seen in the episode; in fact, we encourage it. You may also take Vegas characters out of Las Vegas if you like.

Basically, if it can be connected to the Vegas 'Verse, you can post it here. If you're not sure, check out the intro post and if you're still not sure, ask there or contact telesilla at telesilla [at] livejournal [dot] com.

The Rest of the Rules:

Use common sense when trying to figure out if something should be posted behind a cut-tag.

Use some kind of header for fiction, giving the title, author, pairing (if there is one), rating, any warnings you feel are relevant and a disclaimer. You must warn for non-con and deathfic.

Please do not flame your fellow comm members. If you don't like a particular story or genre of story, or someone's art or vid, well, you have a back button for a reason. Use it and spare everyone the wank.

Please do have fun with this! We're keeping the comm as open-ended as possible to allow people to to play around in a fascinating AU. So yeah, go wild!